D2BD to host first community connect event this weekend

d2bdSince its launch in January, Dare To Be Different has been a fantastic social hub for female talent to share stories, ask questions to other members and continuously inspire those involved. The initiative recently set up a members-only facebook group, a place where the community could share updates on themselves and talk to other like-minded individuals. Although the facebook page has been a huge hit, the relationship between members can feel slightly two-dimensional at times. This is why I jumped at the chance to attend Dare To Be Different’s first community connect event this weekend.

The event, being held at Silverstone this Sunday, includes hospitality for the British GT Championship and will be the first chance for members to meet at a community event. The event is expected to have over 65 members in attendance, as well as plus ones and a select amount of media present.

The get-together is due to start at 10am on the Sunday, with D2BD founder and ex-Formula One driver Susie Wolff officially opening the highly-anticipated gathering a little later on in the morning.

Food and drink is available throughout the day and as well as the fantastic view of the racing on offer to members, there will be the chance to listen to an array of guest speakers.

Will you be in attendance?
Let us know through social media or come and find us at the event!


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