Carrie Schreiner: Ups, Downs and 2017

Carrie Schreiner has impressed both on and off track in Britain and Europe in the recent years. Now, competing in the highly respected British F4 and German ADAC Formula 4, Carrie has attracted media and fan attention alike, proving her talent for racing, as well as being an excellent ambassador for the sport away from the track.

Carrie grew up in Saarland, Germany and already has an impressive list of accomplishments under her belt. In 2016, she’s landed a drive with Double R Racing, a team co-owned by the Formula 1 giant Kimi Raikkonen.

Carrie GER 1

Carrie is competing in both the British F4 and German ADAC Formula 4 during the 2016 season. Photo via Carrie Schreiner

The 17-year-old has had a hectic schedule in the past few months, but Women in Motorsport recently caught up with her to find out how she’s getting on.

“I would say there’s not a huge difference,” Carrie told us, talking about the difference between the British F4 cars and the German series equivalent. “The only thing is that I think is that the English car has a bit more grip overall. But this could also depend on the tracks or the different tyres.”

There’s no doubt that any form of racing requires a lot of training, and this is no different for Carrie, who is often found putting hours in at the gym to ensure she is in top physical condition for competing.

“Fitness for me is really important,” Carrie said, “I do my fitness training next to racing a minimum of five times a week otherwise my arms, legs and neck couldn’t handle a race or a training day.”

Pre-race rituals can also be a routine a drive has down to a tee. Often on the grid they can be found with their earphones in, focussing on the race ahead.

“First I do my warm up with my body,” Carrie commented. “Just before the race I am fully focused and try to simulate some race situations.”

Notoriously, motorsport is a world of high points and low points and dealing with the aftermath of a difficult weekend can be the make or break for a driver.

“At the beginning, I’m really, really disappointed. But normally I’m someone who is really quickly positive again I always want to be as fast as possible to focus again,” Carrie told Women in Motorsport.

Carrie GER 3

Carrie has had her fair share of bad luck during the opening two rounds of German ADAC Formula 4 but remains positive during times of disappointment. Photo via Carrie Schreiner

However, Carrie has had her fair share of high points too. Notably, her achievements including a karting championship title in 2012 and a top five finish in British F4.

“In karting (I was most proud) to win the biggest national German championship in 2012 and in my second season of Formula Cars my 4th place at Thruxton this year,” Carrie adds, a big grin on her face. Despite narrowly missing out on a podium, Carrie drove a sensational race to finish an incredibly respective 4th, an excellent achievement.

Carrie GER 2

Carrie’s fourth place finish at Thruxton has filled her with confidence heading into the remainder of the season. Photo via Carrie Schreiner

“I don’t have any plans for 2017 yet,” Carrie said. “It depends on how the season ends”.

As for looking even further into the future, Carrie hopes to have a career as a professional racing driver, with the series in which she competes in depending on her future results, she told us.

Lastly, as the only female in this year’s British F4 and one of the only in German F4, Carrie is representing women drivers. However, Carrie would definitely like to see more females competing.

“I would say never let the boys push you down,” Carrie said as her piece of advice to any woman wanting to race. “Just focus on that what you want and don’t think too much about being different to the boys.” Well said, Carrie!

Carrie’s next race will be on the 4th June, Lausitzring and her next outing in the British MSA Formula 4 is 28th August at Rockingham.

Here at Women in Motorsport, we certainly wish Carrie the best of luck the for the future- and what a bright future it will be!

Keep up to date with Carrie here:


By Helena Hicks

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